Company philosophy

MCAM Symalit AG relies on a holistic company philosophy that equally involves products and processes as well as employees and customers. Our long-term customer relations enable us to skilfully adapt to the ever-changing demand, through practical development.

As a Swiss family enterprise rich in tradition and based in Appenzell, we offer classic Swiss qualities: delivery reliability, quality, innovation and cooperative partnership. In collaboration with you, we contribute to the preservation of resources and save on CO2, allowing the future generations to also benefit from sustainable practices.

Good employees are the key to success

Our team consists of motivated employees with interdisciplinary technical and specialised knowledge. This is because economic success is based on the individual success of each and every member of staff. That is why we do not only invest in methods, processes and equipment, but also in the training and further education of our employees and their team interactions.

Independence equals effectiveness

To actively pursue our interests in sustainability and environmental concerns, our operational independence is of great importance, but we do not only achieve this through healthy growth based on employee and entrepreneurial development. We also make sure we are able to meet our monetary obligations at any time, in order to secure our freedom of choice through financial independence. The profit we generate on a long-term basis allows us to do so, whilst putting our owner-operated enterprise on a healthy footing, thanks to a well-considered financial policy.

Your reliable partner

As one of the few companies worldwide, MCAM Symalit again was rated with a risk-indicator of only 1. The rating from Bisnode D&B, wich is one of the most important provider of Swiss and international business information in Switzerland, is carried out every year and only 2% of all Swiss companys achieve to reach such a low indicator. For years the company has achieved a top rating in terms of creditworthiness, payment behavior and liquidity.

Like every year, the company is listed on This year, with the lowest probability-of-default rate ever; a D&B score of 94 from 100. The score indicates the creditworthiness and also signalize that no default risk exists in business activities with our company. MCAM Symalit AG settle its invoices constantly 3 days ahead the time of payment, in comparison with the industry average which settle the invoices 3 days after the time of payment. This shows the excellent payment practices of our company.