About us

As experts with many years of experience, we focus on Zertifikat 2016 englischskilled processing of thermoplastics and have made a name for ourselves in the specific fields of engineering plastics and high-performance plastics. In processing fluoroplastics, we are among the world’s best.

We at MCAM Symalit AG, Appenzell Branch, Recycling Solutions have shared our expertise internationally for over 30 years and formed partnerships with many well-known manufacturers in the plastic processing industry. With them we share our philosophies of service and quality, which are based on continuity, exchange of experiences, flexibility, and above all, innovation. Our sensitivity to customer needs reflects in our choice of materials, services and procedures. All our processes have been certified according to ISO 9001.

Recycling up to date

Our strengths lie in the production of specialty plastics with specific properties. This unique core competence is combined with the continuous optimization of our procedures, and that is how our processing and recycling techniques can meet the demands of the continuously refined materials on the market. We furthermore develop and realise new techniques, allowing us to offer an extensive and high-quality service portfolio.

Flexible, independent and competent

Modern production requirements are extremely demanding on the plastic processing industry. Regular training of our employees and state-of-the-art machinery enable us to supply you with regrind material of the desired quality that is good-as-new and homogenous.

We carefully select approved materials, buy only single-origin industrial wastes and maintain quality control throughout the entire process, starting with the receipt of goods.