Professional PEEK-recycling results in resource conservation

The high-performance material PEEK is produced at Minger using specific machinery. We developed a processing method for this high-grade material that is particularly profitable for you: appropriate wash cycles clean cuttings and moulded components from semi-finished products, and turn them into clean, new raw materials.

Our PEEK-recycled material derives from clean and single-origin industrial wastes, allowing us to consistently maintain excellent material quality. We will happily compound PEEK according to your requirements; we look forward to receiving your enquiry.

PEEK-recycling is interesting in both economical and ecological aspects. Recycled material is distinctly cheaper than virgin material and at the same time, recycling makes a great contribution towards a sustainable use of resources.

PEEK Victrex® 450 G, Comp. 5% grey
PEEK Victrex® 450 G, NM natur