Economic recycling of engineering plastics of superior and reliable quality


MCAM Symalit AG, Appenzell Branch, Recycling Solutions has been your expert in processing engineering plastics and high-performance plastics for over 30 years: We supply high-grade granules with consistent and reliable property profiles for high-quality fluoroplastics, polyamides, PEEK and other plastics. We understand the significance of first-class materials for your final product; and we are aware that a conscious and sustainable approach to resource management is the way forward.

We process ground material and unmachined, variable-sized parts into high-grade regranulate. We refine plastics into customised compounds and transform production rejects of start-up processes, reject batches or returns, professionally into qualitatively impeccable granules. We then provide you the granules for your production, or we sell them on. Specifically developed procedures also allow us to recycle various composite materials, many of which previously had to be disposed of at high costs.

Recycling, as opposed to the expensive disposal of old material, or the purchase of even more expensive new material, is not only sustainable, but also an economically rational alternative. That is why we often develop specific processes for our customers, to make industrial wastes from specific areas of application applicable for regranulation.

Our granules and compounds are effectively used, amongst others, in the automotive and equipment industry – for pumps, conveyor elements or pipe installations. Also customers in the construction, electroplating or chemical industry can benefit from our materials.