Flexible and on schedule

For optimum further processing, the delivered plastics are labelled and sorted at Minger – starting with small batches of about 1000 kg. Minger accepts all common thermoplastics (e.g. production rejects, sprue, scraps, large moulded parts, powder, plastic films, mouldings, filaments), disposes of dust and metal residues, and grinds them up. Choose your preferred grain size from 6 mm to 10 mm and we deliver the ground material in octabins or big bags, on schedule for your production.

We have specific production facilities for every type of plastic. Send us your enquiry and we will promptly make you an offer.

Mahlgut PA11 und PA12
Grist PA11 PA12
Mahlgut PEEK
Grist PEEK
Mahlgut Fluorkunststoff
Grist Fluorplastics
Mahlgut PE und PP
Grist PE PP